In conversation with: Deepak Sahni, the Founder & CEO of Aadhaar Foods India says, 'ABILITY is BEYOND DISABILITY'

“Deepak Sahni is the Founder & CEO of Aadhaar Foods India. A company headquartered in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. A brand which manufactures and sell products in fancy food packaging. The entire range includes wheat flour, Maida, Besan, Sooji, Dalia, Poha, Nutri, vermicelli and other food products. 21 years old,  A Chartered Accountant in making, differently abled, has taken the industry by storm. In less than a year’s time, he has proved to the world that Yes!, Ability is beyond any disability. In class 12th, he topped the nation by scoring highest in Economics (getting 99 percent). This was the first milestone, which showed his calibre and since then he has been progressing swiftly. He is a source of inspiration to the youth as a whole. Being differently abled – “he has explained to a lot of people that disability is just a mindset affair and nothing more than that,” says Pawan Sahni, proud father of Deepak.

“I want the people to know, it’s not about the physical ability but, the mental thought that enables to you to achieve and succeed. That’s what I envisage. While we share this story to the world, you don't know, we might just end up forming another Deepak – differently abled. And if it happens, I shall be the happiest person.” – Deepak Sahni

Let’s know about Deepak and his journey in his words:

Tell us something about yourself and earlier life:

I was born in 1995. When I was 3 months old, I was declared differently abled. Some big time doctors advocated that I won’t exist for more than a day, my family was taken aback. My World would have been confined to the bed, had not my parents been the back bone. I was raised very well and to see that, I do not suffer, they sacrificed. They could have gone for the 2nd child, but they did not. This is family. Academically I was a proof of intelligence to the World. My mentor, the Chairperson of the school B.L.C.P.S.S. Solan, Mrs Veena Bakshi, always took special care of me and used to make sure that I participate well in the co-curriculum too. This gave me confidence and made me think about the ability beyond disability. My world has never been confined to a wheelchair. The result is this; I am a legal driver, who drives very well, a business boy at such a young age, a chartered accountancy finalist, created a group which employs more than 180 people,  turnover of 36.42 crores, this FY. A brand with a market share of 6.8 percent. This is me, Deepak.

Tell us about your education and profession:

I have a commerce lineage. I am a B.Com graduate and a chartered accountancy finalist. I am a Business Visionary.

When did you start your company, Aadhaar Foods? (The idea behind it)

I started way back in May 2016. Aadhaar Foods in less than a year’s time has successfully been able to attain a market share of 6.8 percent within the state of Himachal Pradesh. Seeing up on the consumer awareness regarding hygienic food, our biggest aim was to provide the best quality of food products within the most affordable price bracket making us competitive and yet most acknowledged brand. UNTOUCHED BY HUMAN HANDS - bears the science for Aadhaar’s consumers. Following the principles, that formed the foundation stone for Aadhaar Foods, we have successfully covered the entire state.

About your initial journey, difficulties and hurdles, and how did you overcome it:

With a vision in eyes, will in the heart and strategy in the mind, we proceeded, but the biggest issue was ACCEPTABILITY. To provide the product to the entire state, we needed a strong distribution network, which to our hard efforts took 8 months. The dedicated sales team worked hard and showed the results. The result is before us. With a distribution network of more than 51 dealers across the state, we are spread everywhere. Now we get a multiplier effect to our brand. The sales progressing and more consumers are falling towards Aadhaar.

How was the initial response to the company and products?

Since, we were new, to form up the distribution network was a challenge. Let me tell you that, only THIS was the challenge. I mean, our consumers supported us to the core. Repeat demand, product enhancement and a lot more contributed to Aadhaar’s success. We, at Aadhaar Foods, believe in maintaining quality standards up to the brim while keeping costs to the minimal so that we get to attract a larger consumer base. We have actually been able to. The quality did its job and provided us with a great market share.

Tell us about your constant supporter and strength:

Parents have been the pillars of strength. Had not they been this much dedicated in raising me up, I would not have been this much successful. I owe it to them. Mom, has been the back bone and father – the blood. Without these elements a body can’t work. Without them I am nothing. Besides parents, your friends also play a major role in your life and luckily I have been blessed with incredible friends. Amongst them is a friend of mine, who is a doctor. She has been a great strength and a constant supporter by contributing her valuable time for me.

In how many cities are you providing the services?

As of now, we are present within the state of Himachal. 100 percent coverage! Other than that, we have expanded the roots to the Tricity (Chandigarh | Punchkula | Mohali). With this coming year, we shall successfully incept Punjab.

What are your future plans?

To go PAN India within a span of 7 years and go global in 10. Adding up at least 30 products to the brand. We plan to include Rise, salt, oil,  graded pulses, spices and allied food products. In a way this year, Aadhaar Foods shall foray into the branded confectionaries too.

Tell us something about your guru mantra, 'ABILITY BEYOND DISABILITY’

I have always believed in this term. I read it somewhere in the year 2012. I actually believe in it. Being a disabled is just a mindset affair. Confining yourself to limits, will not let you think out of the box. To think big, you have got to forget about the disability. I spend my time not thinking about I can’t do it but, how can I do it. It’s always about the perspective. When I am on wheelchair and roaming around, people look at me. They stare! They want to talk to me and know about my condition. They want to know my name. Isn’t it being like a CELEBRITY?! I feel like so. Seriously saying, people remember me. They know, they met - A MAN ON A WHEELCHAIR.  Its my identity too. Things are just other way around. Its up to you, how do you plan to see yourself, either you see the glass half full or half empty.

Your message to the world:

To me the word Disability is – ability with a difference. There is always an alternate approach to how you do things. Where a way ends, simultaneously you open up to different exposures to complete that task. It’s simple! I don’t use legs but mind - It’s the way how I walk.

I dream! I achieve! I succeed!

-Deepak Sahni

Founder & CEO

Aadhaar Foods India

We congratulate Deepak for his courage and achievements. We wish him all the very best for his brighter future!

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Once again Deepak proves that Where there is a will there is a way.Hats off for his parents.All parents are like God for there children

April 16, 2017

You are known to me since your childhood ...I know you are special...n your intelligence and hard work will take you to the top ..God bless you..

April 15, 2017

Deepak I always had a trust n blind faith in you that one day you will achieve great success...As a teacher of yours I am telling you that yes u are right are really a very brilliant child.You are very confident n bold since childhood....may all your dreams come true...

April 14, 2017

Your ability is your success. The disabilityis a circumstance and that has been extiguished .You underlined the word \"courage\" by carving and has given a superior definition of success to me.Wish you to acheive many milestones in future .Stay blessed little hero. Navneet K Bhalla&Seema

April 14, 2017

So nice, great to hear about ur achievements

April 14, 2017