International Women's Day: Jignasa Parikh, a Consultant Psychotherapist & Counsellor and a special educator for Learning Disability

Jignasa is a Consultant Psychotherapist and a special educator for Learning Disability. As an individual, she is a life long learner, a keen observer of life, an amateur photographist, an artist playing with colours and a writer.

In her website,, which is recently launched, she has said that,

"I believe that creativity is an attitude, an inner approach and a quality an individual adds to any activity.


‘Just BE, Do not become’ that’s my motto or Insight. Be in all the absurdities of this world but do not be of this world. Be yourself! Celebrate your Uniqueness! "

On International Women's Day, she says,

"A woman is a source of life, a love and peace in true sense. The society recognizes this or not, that does not matter. But it remains truth. All the civilizations in the history have always worshiped as Goddesses. But somewhere that same civilization has disrespected the same women in some manners. Not always but at times... yes.


"If a woman is aware of her own strength and own limitations, she can be at her best all the time, in all the fields or in all the aspects of the life."

On Celebrating this occasion, she says,

"I do not believe in celebration of woman's day. I believe in celebration of being woman or in other words, celebration of womanhood in everyday life."

She further adds,

"A woman does not need to or try to be equal to man, as both are unique individuals. There is no question of comparison.  A woman needs to grow up and think independently and to be free from old, orthodox beliefs. Grow up and adjust with time and adapt.


"A woman really needs to accept other women otherwise it’s difficult to grow together. As per my opinion a woman restricts the freedom and development of other woman, man is on second place to restrict the woman."

About woman and education, she says,

"As far as education is concerned, if you educate a man you are educating an individual. But, if you educate a woman, you are educating the family. The greatest power of woman is, she nurtures life. Not just in her womb but throughout the lifetime."


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