International Women's Day: Ratna Singh, a Safaris Specialist

Ratna Singh, a Safaris Specialist works for Wilderness Hospitality,Training & Conservation. She is an amateur photographer and writer too. 

Ratna is, in her own words,

"Wilderness lover, health freak, spiritual, reader and amateur writer. Part time cook and housekeeper."

On International Women's Day, Ratna says,

"Personally I find it hard to answer this. I have never really felt that being a woman stopped me from doing anything. So, women’s day I think just provides another platform to remind ladies of the potential they have. "

On Celebrating this occasion, she says,

"In the jungle and rural areas there isn’t such a buzz about Women’s day as in the city. If am in the jungles, it’s like any other day, except I invite a few of my village lady friends and we have a cup of tea together. 

"If am in the city, I will usually shop, as there are quite a few stores offering goodies and discounts etc. Or salons offering special treatments- so it’s really nice to get a haircut or a bit of pampering. On a serious note, I think it’s great that women have a ‘day’, but what is more important is that they be given equal opportunities. For women, something to dwell on is, that they must take equal opportunity as a birth right."

Talking about the Women in this Changing world,

"While women are definitely more visible in diverse fields now, I feel the emergence of ladies as world leaders and opinion makers shouldsee a steady. Besides, I personally believe in the Ancient Indian concept of Ardhnarishwar; the concept of masculine and feminine energies being incomplete without the other. Each woman contains portions of masculine power, while each man also possesses sensibilities of compassion and kindness, so each human is both to have a balance a whole. "

Women in Education Sector,

"I’m distressed to say that in rural areas there still is a disparity between education of the girl and boy child. This definitely affects the national average as more than half the population are rural dwellers. The more ladies coming forward to teach, the more likely the rural girls will stay in school longer."

Photographs clicked by Ratna:


[Shared by Ratna]

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excellent-it\'s a proud moment!

March 9, 2017

Well done Ratna, and some super shots.

March 9, 2017