Sharmaji ka beta!

Before the 90s to the mid-90s, these “Sharmaji Ka Beta” (Mr Sharma’s son) and “Kapoorji Ka Beta” (Mr Kapoor’s son) were favorites amongst the parents. Many of you must have got the point by now. A typical comparison with various uncles’ sons and daughters used to be the common trick which our parents used to motivate us.

“Only 60%? Shame on you. Look at Kapoorji’s son, he has scored 90%.”

“Literature? Why? That Chowdhry’s son took Engineering. After 4-5 years, he would be earning in 5 digits.”

“I am so worried about our daughter. When would we find a nice boy for her? That Sheela’s daughter has got an NRI.”

“A Santro only? My brother gifted his son-in-law a Honda City. Big car, you know.”

Phew! Few of us have faced this situation and rest have seen in movies like 3 Idiots and 2 States.

But the question is why these comparisons? Why can’t you be you? Why do you need to be like someone else’s beta or beti? Are they not proud of yourself? Are they not happy having you? No. They are. But they just don’t want you to get failed. They want the best for you.

With time and growing literacy level, people are becoming more realistic and developing the reasonable approach towards these things. They understand that each individual has his/her own method of working, thought process, and abilities. It doesn’t mean that people could not realise this thing previously. Competition is still there. But with developing nation, scopes in a different field have been increased, students’ are getting more opportunities to project their abilities, they are getting more and more encouragement to make progress. 

If you remember the story of the movie 3 Idiots, the future of a kid is decided at the moment he/she is born. If it is a baby boy, he would be an engineer and if it is a baby girl, she would a doctor.

Parents are still worried about the competition their children would have to face but are confident at the same time. Instead of making them scared of the completion, they encourage them to face it with sportsman spirit. Students believe in healthy competition because of this. So we guess no more “Sharmaji Ka eBta” phrase now!

The time has so much changed. Previously a 23-year-old girl had to get married because of “Shaadi Ki uUra” (Ideal age to get married) and “Umra-aLyak” (eligible) concepts. Don’t need to elaborate, do I? But not any more such concepts work, at least in most of the parts of the society. Parents are keen about the ideal ages, but they don’t pressurise. They believe that a daughter has all the rights to make a career of her choice, be confident, self-developed, and independent. Girls and boys have become career conscious for better future for them and their families. 

People have change. Societies have changed. Education has been a Hero. We needed this change. This is good for us and the forthcoming generations. Let’s keep it up.

Image Couretsy : Google Search