A skill development programme designed for domestic workers

The Karnataka government is planning to launch a skill development programme designed for domestic workers.

It is for cooks, house help and gardeners who need certifiable skill sets to grow their opportunities. 

As per The News Minute report, Muralidhar Halappa, Director of Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation, the agency in charge of the programme said, “The Kaushlya Karnataka programme was introduced to ensure that the unemployed youth obtain vocational training. We are planning to ensure that even domestic workers obtain a certification so that they have better employment opportunities.” He further said, "Domestic workers can take out two hours from their day for one month to attend skill development classes for their line of work. Say one of those who enrolls is a cook either in a domestic household or a fast food joint, the programme will teach them about the importance of wearing gloves, caps and aprons. They will be given information on various cooking implements and how to use them and taught certain hacks which will make their job easier. For those working as gardeners, they will be taught about modern equipment and ways of gardening."

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Content Credit: thenewsminute.com

Image Courtesy: Google Search