Happy World Book Day..

I was reading newspaper with a coffee mug in the other hand. Something caught my attention which made my regular morning a special one.

I am a big fan of special days. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Today is a special day. It's nobody's birthday or anniversary. But it is a WORLD BOOK DAY.


It is a yearly event organized by UNESCO.

I did some research and found that in ancient time, stone, clay, tree bark and metal sheets were used to write upon. No punctuations were used. With the time, changes were made in writing and writing formats. One thing surprised me. Tablets were used at that time! But not the digital ones. It was a physical robust writing medium. It was categorized in few types. Like, clay tablet and wax tablet.

With time, the writing fashion and format changed. We started using papers. Pens and pencils were parts of revolution in styluses. Books come in different sizes and layouts. Cover pages got more attractive.

Books are categorized on the base of the content. For example, fiction, non-fiction, etc. There is a mass readership.

Books For Me..

I am addicted to books. I have a small collection of books which I want to grow more and more. Books are my stress buster. I have tried all forms of reading; e-books, e-book in wide screen phone, e-book in iPad and other gadgets. But honestly, nothing can replace papers.

This morning, in the article, I read how reading books inspires youth. It feels good to know that kids and youngsters too, prefer paper books. To encourage this, new concepts are emerging. Liberia is one of them. They have a system where you can order books, movies and plays online and they will deliver it.

According to me, a book can help you to know your inner self. It has the ability to change the flow of your emotions, attitude and view towards your life and the world.

Books are very important part of my life. They keep me connected to the languages.

I believe that credit for the good books should go to their authors. They are the backbones of this piece of art. Hats-off to them. On this very special day, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of them..