Introducing The Common Man!

Hi there! It’s really nice to meet you. What? Who am I? Well, what’s there in the name! Right? But let me introduce myself. I am an Indian. I am a middle aged man. I am having a small family with a wife, two kids; a son and a daughter and parents. I go to the office every day and earn enough amount of money to keep my family happy. Formal shirt with tie and trouser is my regular dress code. I wear spectacles as I have to deal with a technology called ‘Computers’ every day at the office.

You know what? I don't like quarrels. Why should one do that? I am a simple happy-go-lucky man. The punch line of my life is, "Smile is the best attire. Always put it on."

And one more thing, I am a fusion of emotions and rationalism like any other. I am a practical person, well I have to be! Logic is the first love of my life.

I am hard working and honest person. I believe that before you prove your honesty to someone else, you have to be honest with yourself first. I am loyal to my work.

My family waits for me for the dinner. We believe that at least one meal a day should be taken with the family.

Life is beautiful! At least, I see it that way and suggest others to do the same. Hurdles may come and be overcome but positivity in attitude makes it easier to deal with them. I am genuinely an optimist one.

I love to laugh. I don’t understand LOL and ROFL. But I definitely know how to apply it in life.

So, that’s me, The Common Man. And this is my place. I will meet you here regularly. Till then, keep being surrounded by positivity!