The change in climate alarms the change in humans

On my way to office, there is a temple. Lots of people visit that temple every day.

I had been observing a man in the car, waiting for someone outside the temple, with engine on, windows rolled down, and the AC on. In short, his share of luxury he was having!

This happened for some days.

Today, I observed the same. I went up to the car, knocked on the window. That man rolled down the window and asked, “Yes?”

I asked, “Are you waiting for someone?”

The man replied, ”Yes. I am waiting for my mother.”

I again asked, “Then why haven’t you turned off the engine as you are going nowhere?”

The man was confused to hear such a question. Because such things are rarely noticed and discussed.

He, then, gathered his words, “It’s too hot outside, you know. Can’t just tolerate the heat.”

I have so much to talk, but I just told him one thing, “Do you know that such ignorance has caused a huge damage to the climate? ACs and unnecessary consumption of fuel are damaging the climate more and more. At your age, you are supposed to teach this to your kid, but if you don’t take care of these things, what will you teach your kid?”

I continued to talk and he continued to stare with wide eyes, “You don’t want to be in heat even for 20 minutes but what will you do when we all will have to be living on the grilled, baked and boiled planet? Just think about that.”

Well, I didn’t know that man but I had to say that. Well, it not only about that man. It is about everyone; the one who is causing the damage even unknowingly and the one who is ignoring.

Today, almost an entire city witnessed a dust storm; another drastic change in the climate. Layers of dust particles are still hovering.

Gone are those days when we could say that we don’t know what is causing the damage and how we can control it. We have to be conscious about every little thing, may it be electricity, water, fuel, or any other resources which we use or sometimes waste.

Cover Photo: Google Search