We are meeting again!

A Happy Day! How are you all? Hope you are also having a happy day. What? You didn’t get your girlfriend’s call yet? You were expecting your promotional letter yesterday and still haven’t got? You dropped your phone in water? Your husband has not wished you Happy Birthday? And you think he might have forgotten? (Then he is gone, right?) Your maid ditched you? You opened your Tiffin and you found regular daal-rice? So, you might be thinking that what so good about this day. Well, many of these things may have happened to me as well. Yet I am happy. Or I could say that my day was made happy. You have to keep your eyes open to find happiness sometimes, you see!

Okay now, coming to the point: I came office in the bus today. My son wanted the two-wheeler as he was getting late for his school today. He is having an annual day at the school. And from there he and some of his friend are planning a dinner out.

City buses have reserved seats for ladies, for senior citizens, and for handicaps. Generally, people don’t consider it and sit wherever they find the place. Many of them fight to get the seats of their right and many just ignore. Many of them give their seats to the old age people and many just ignore that too.

Today, in “Reserved for ladies“ section, two men and two girls were sitting. One of the girls, who seemed nearly mid 20, noticed an old age man and got up. She offered her seat to that man and stood near the seat. Two elderly men who were sitting in “Reserved for senior citizens” section’s second row. There was more distance between the first and second row than usual. There was a locked box put in that gap. One can easily accommodate there. So one of those men told that girl to sit on that box. And then both the men were talking to each other,  She was sitting in the “Reserved for ladies” section. She got up to give the seat to that man."

Their conversation clearly showed the appreciation of her gesture. That girl didn’t even know before getting up that someone would notice her gesture. She did it out of respect, concern, and manner.

Both the incidents made my day actually; first, a concern from a stranger and appreciation to that concern from another stranger! You know what? You don’t need to ask for humanity, it shows. You just have to keep your eyes open.