The India Idea

Idea, a spontaneous moment which we feel every now and then. It is never pre-planned.

When you get an idea, it is straight from your pure thoughts; no modified and filtered version attached.

As the subject sounds, this includes an idea about India. Your idea, my idea, our idea. An idaea of how India should be, an idea to make it better, better than itself, and an idea of how could you contribute to this.

Yes, only you and I cannot make a change.butto preserve glory of  our Mother and to make it more glorious, you and I are enough to take an initiative.

So, first ask yourself and then ask other random people about the idea of how India should be which we call “The India Idea”.

To know the people’s view, let’s divide them into first three categories. Kids, youth, and senior citizens.

On asking random kids, all they said is The Pledge,

“India is my country.
All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and, I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give respect to my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion.
In their well-being and prosperity alone; lies my happiness.”

Innocent, isn’t it?

Of course, kids will learn what their elders teach them. 

Before going ahead to the YOUTH, let me narrate a story:

A family went for an outing.  The father was driving the car. The son was sitting next to the driver seat. The father slowed down the car, peeped out of his window, put first two fingers of his right hand on his lips making a victory shape, and spitted the liquid transformed ‘masaalapaan’. That’s it. The son grasped it directly.  After some time, he drank water, rolled down his side of window, peeped out and made the same gestures which he saw a few minutes back and spitted. His father got shocked. Stopped the car and he asked, ‘What did you just do?’ The son replied with a proud smile, ‘I want to be just like you, Dad.’  His son’s answer made him ashamed of himself.  That day, one father learnt the biggest lessons of his life.

The day, all the fathers and mothers would learn such lessons, kids would grow with true values and responsibilities toward nation and no such questions would need to be asked like How India Should Be! 

Youth is the future of India. The latest UN report said that India has the largest youth population.

According to the Youth of India, the nation is very well developing and progressive. They are proud of it, but at the same time they are not happy with the unchanged rituals. They feel that the nation has many contradictions. Indian youth is very enthusiastic. It can make changes and what can make it possible is their self-confidence.

Youth reflects the changing India.

Look around, you will be glad to see the changing India.

On the way to the office, I saw a young girl got up from her seat and offered an old-aged man to sit. She then stood till her destination.

In a mall, a lady was looking at some products holding a basket which was already full. Accidently, she lost the hold of the basket and few of the items got scattered. People suddenly looked at her and then at the scattered products and continued with their shopping. Then a teenage boy came forward and started collecting products and put them into the basket. Smiled at the lady and left.

India needs the understanding and realization of the basic responsibilities among the citizens. That’s it.

Everyone should ask themselves these five basic questions:

1. What is India?

2. What is Youth?

3. How do you interrelate them?

4. What is Social Media?

5. How can it HELP India?


When we talk about the youth, how can we not consider Social Media? With the time, the pattern of using social media has been changing in youth. In the initial phase of social networking sites, posting and tagging photos and statuses were choice of interest, but it is descending with time. Now people have started using social media as a platform where they can freely discuss social issues and problems. They cherish achievements of non-‘celeb’ people and criticize the anti-‘socials’ too.  For example, I can post the above mentioned incident in my social media group. Not to make anyone famous but just to tell people that we are the proud citizens of such a nation where each person has the relation with the other regardless their cast, religion and social status which is called HUMANITY.

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