In conversation with: Dr. Nishith Vachhani, a nature lover, a loving father, a blood donor, a clicker by heart and an inspiration to many

A 32-year-old doctor Nishith A. Vachhani who holds a PhD in Medical Microbiology.

He was born and brought up in Morbi and lived there till his 12th standard is now working as a quality manager with Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank & Research Centre, Rajkot.

Nishith was attached with Wockhardt and Sterling Hospital as a microbiologist and infection control officer too.

Sincerity is his forte. His work is something which gives him happiness and relaxation. But inside this serious manager, there is a photographer, a nature lover, a loving father, an avid blood donor, a change maker, a teacher, FACE of RAJKOT and a life saver.

Sounds impossible? Not really. Let’s find out here,

“Photography and travelling are my hobbies. I like to meet strangers and listen to their stories. During public transports, I often talk to person nearby, no age matters. Specially, elder people are full of experiences. I notice that they always get happy when they get chance to share their experiences, incidents and stories. During my photo walks, I get chance to talk to vendors too. When I was a kid, I used to travel with my father. I noticed how he started conversation with strangers around. I got this quality from him to develop relations with unknowns”, says Nishith.

Photography is also one thing which Nishith learnt from his father.

Nishith likes to capture emotions of people, especially candid ones. Street photography is also one of his interests.

One of the best pieces of advice he ever got is, ‘Help anyone without any expectation’

On asking if he had faced any struggle? He says,

“Yes and No. When me and my wife started working with Wockhardt hospital, Rajkot, we managed our routine in 12,000/- in 2007-08.  Just to try to face the reality, I did not take any help from papa.”

On asking if he has ever thought of giving up? See his reaction,

“No. Never. I think every problem has at least one route to come across. We have to just think and choose wisely.”

When he moved from Morbi to Rajkot, it was a crucial period for him; choose home or choose a new area of work. After shifting to Rajkot, he learned a lot in the field of his interest.

He thinks that one learns something from his mistakes,

“Previously I used to react very fast without thinking of positive and negative effects of it. When I felt, I started thinking twice before reacting to any situation whether it is home or any other situation. Some time our prompt decision may hurt others. We definitely realize it after some time. Many times we hurt our near and dear by this. This was a kind of trouble for me. But now I have learnt to be calm and composed.”

Talking about Photography, he says,

"I started photography with roll camera. It was just a hobby for me.

Yes it is technically difficult. I'm still a learner in this field.”

On asking what keeps him connected to it, his answer is,

“My daughters.

I have purchased My first DSLR when my wife was pregnant.

I have more than 12,000+ snaps of my both the Angels.

I'm clicker by heart.”

He further says,

“When I purchased camera, my brother gave me website details of Saurabh Desai.

First time I had visited any photography website at that time.

I read his journey. It was very similar to me.”

Nishith is a member of Rajkot based Photography Club FCR (Fotography Club Rajkot).

On asking about his strength and support, he swiftly says, “My family”

He further says that whenever he feels low, he talks to his wife, Viral. She gives him the best answer and advice.

Nishith is a blood donor. He shares his journey as a blood donor,

“When I was in masters and in vacation I was in Morbi at friend's laboratory in Gynecology hospital.

One pregnant lady was shifted in emergency from a very small village.

She was doing a labor work in any farm. She was in need of "O" positive blood and my friend asked me to donate and I just said Okay because no one was with her at that time.

It was my first blood donation.”

He further says,

“After joining blood bank, I came to know about platelet donation. I found it is more urgent and serious condition for any patient suffering from dengue.

So I stopped donating whole blood and reserved myself for Single Donor Platelet (SDP) donation.

But you have to remain ready for 24 hrs for this donation.

This process is carried out only after request generated by clinician. I have donated 11 times whole blood and 4 times SDP. I use social media and educate my students for such cause.”

Wait. Students?

“Yes. I am a teacher too!

I am a visiting faculty for DMLT students in Vocational course for laboratory technology in Rajkot.

3 years UGC granted course has been started in Atmiya college, Rajkot for medical laboratory technology and molecular technology.”

He is always active in spreading the awareness too,

“I have initiated a program at blood bank level.

We just write a letter to educational institute to visit our blood bank so that we can encourage youth in the field of blood donation and thalassaemia testing. Thalassaemia Testing before marriage is the simplest route to prevent this genetic disorder. I personally give visit to college students. All the departments of blood bank and need of blood is discussed during such visits. So they may convert in a regular blood donor.”

Nishith chooses blood donation over fireworks on Diwali,

“After joining Fotography Club Of Rajkot (FCR) I came near to nature.

We always try to create some basic awareness regarding nature, environment etc.”

How do they do that?

“We have started no crackers movement before two years. We had organized an event to clean racecourse ground on 2 October. RMC Commissioner was there for morning walk and he appreciated our group. And yes even we had organized one event to remove nails from trees.”

Such a person who loves nature and who cares for nature can never fail to train his children to save environment,

“My daughters respect environment. Just before a week we went to Randarada lake near to Rajkot. My daughter Urja collected two potato chips empty bags and gave them to me and asked,

Papa આ કોણ ફેંકતું હશે?”

What was his answer to this,

“I was speechless. Then I had to tell her that some guys are not able to understand importance of this land and environment so they did this.”

On this Sunday Rajkot Municipal Corporation and police commissioner organised Rajkot half marathon. FCR got a call from RMC. Commissioner wanted to meet them. He invited them and asked for the contribution from their side. They gave him a proposal that if he could provide all access pass for this event, they could cover the whole event. And for that, they had created a team of 65-68 members who would click or shoot the event from many angles of Rajkot. They had created about 15 teams and allocated spots for clicking.

His and his team's work at Rajkot half marathon:

Nishith was selected as a face of Rajkot on FB page Faces of Rajkot.

On sharing one of the cases which he had solved and saved lives of some patients with swine flu,

“3 positive persons were in same ICCU and all of them had severe respiratory infection.

Treating physician was confused and was not able to identify the problem.

He sent samples to my department. I had isolated bacteria responsible for secondary infection in lunges only. They were not covered under any antibiotics. After culture report, physician had started higher antibiotics and patients got cured from both swine flu and bacterial infection. He called me at time of discharge. He said if he has not started antibiotic than he was not able to treat the patients. Even he has not thought about it. Only after my report he saved three of them. This is what he said.”

He played the role of a life saver,

“Oh. It was just my duty. I can serve society by my profession. This gives me relaxation. When we start loving our work, it is never a burden anymore.”

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Proud of u Nishithbhai👍🏼

July 7, 2017

Super Dr.nishith Vachhani is my Teacher His nature is good

February 16, 2017

Super Dr.nishith Vachhani is my Teacher His nature is good

February 16, 2017

Great... Many congratulations... Proud of having a friend like u..

January 27, 2017

You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arlstcei.

July 23, 2016