In conversation withl: Bhautik Joshi, a research engineer at Adobe, co-writes a paper along with Kristen Stewart and David Ethan Shapiro

Bhautik Joshi is a research engineer at Adobe, living in San Francisco, California. He has co-written a research paper along with Bella of Twilight series, Kristen Stewart and the producer, David Ethan Shapiro.

for the film "Machine learning and artificial intelligenceThe paper is about Come Swim" which is Kristen’s directorial debut. Recently, the film was premiered at Sundance Film Festival and has received an awesome reception.

Let’s know about Bhautik and the project in his words,

“My early life was in London; I finished my education in Australia. I've always had a passion for art and computer graphics and it's been fun in my recent life to be able to combine the two. Now I am a research engineer at Adobe. I get to make toys and experiments for artists to use.”

How do you see yourself with art and technology at the same time?

The technology is just a tool – it’s no more or less complex and beautiful than just a paintbrush.

When did you hear from Starlight Studios and what was your reaction?

I had posted some videos online mid-2016 of some experiments with AI and art; they got the attention of the folks there and of course, I was thrilled to hear from them!

How did you prepare yourself for working on such an amazing project?

How can you? It was like nothing I had done before (at least, not all in one go) so I just got started and hoped for the best.

Please share your experience working with Kristen Stewart and the team:

It was great! They were amazing creative partners on the project with a really solid vision for the result.

When did you start working on the paper and when was it published?

I started in October; it's worth noting that the paper was not 'published' but submitted to arXiv, which is an online collection of academic pre-prints.

What do you think was the toughest part throughout the journey?

Getting started and working out the initial mapping from look to algorithm.

Please share your views on Artificial Intelligence:

It's never going to completely replace humans - after all, its trained on human examples - and in the very near future, it'll just be another tool.

How do you see the implementation and effect of digitalization in a regular life?

In an optimistic future it will help people to do more; in a pessimistic one, it will distract people from worse things that are going on. I think the truth of it is in-between and changes from person to person.

What are your future plans and projects?

Just keep on doing more experiments with art!

Your message to the world:

“The only true failure is if you never try - be bold, try things out!”

We congratulate Bhautik and the team of ‘Come Swim’ and wish them all the very best!

Cover Photo: Images used with permission, (c) 2017 Starlight Studios LLC & Kristen Stewart.

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